A note from our founder, Tara Tersigni

I’ve been working in the beauty industry for the last decade, which means there are a lot of products in my house. I also have three kids, which means there are a lot of tiny hands trying to get a hold of said products. If you have kids, I know you can relate. (And if you don’t, just scroll TikTok.)

Something just for them

After watching my kids treat every lipstick I own like a crayon and cover every inch of their skin with a very expensive moisturizer, I set out to find something more their speed—and more in line with their weekly allowance. (To my daughter Sloane: you don’t need concealer for soccer practice. Sorry, not sorry!)

They deserve better

Beauty brands have spent the last few years cleaning up their act (literally) but I was still coming across products marketed to kids that seemed to have missed the memo. Most of the kids' makeup on the market was total junk. We’re talking sketchy ingredients, sketchy packaging, and sketchy marketing.

Safe, gentle + fun

YAWN is a collection of safe, non-toxic makeup and skin care products for kids and tweens (and adults). Our formulas are made with age-appropriate ingredients and are free from anything that’s potentially harmful to kids and their skin. Our product range is not about beauty, it’s about having fun, building confidence, and loving yourself.

- Tara Tersigni, Founder